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3 reviews
Georgina Read Podiatry
Queenstown 9300, Frankton, The landing at Remarkable's Park 15/5 Hawthorne Drive
Lucy Wilkinson / Reviewed 28.04.2019
Georgina is amazing! We go to her for all our family needs. My husband was experiencing extreme pain in his ankle. Georgina diagnosed the problem and referred him to a surgeon. Operation coming up in May. She successfully treated my daughter's in-growing toe nails. I had a veruccas…
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2 reviews
St John
Queenstown 9300, Frankton, 10 Douglas Street
Louis Milner / Reviewed 22.04.2021
This is were catch the shuttle bus service to the hospital Invercargill great service and st John's personal Drivers
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1 reviews
Essence Lis
Queenstown 9300, Frankton, 39 McBride Street
Crystel Carrier / Reviewed 03.08.2022
After months and months of incredible massages with Lis, I finally leave a review! Lis is incredible, she is sweet, friendly, gentle and makes you feel so confortable! I have done lots of deep tissue massages with her, they are absolutely incredible! Highly recommanded =)
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4 reviews
RCG Solutions® | Copywriters who understand the human response
9300, Queenstown, 3rd Floor/45 Camp Street
Harrison Sollish / Reviewed 29.10.2021
Great experience working with RCG. Renae is excellent at what she does and was fantastic to work with. The marketing briefs she prepared for us were so great, we pulled that understanding of our brand and message onto our website as well. She always delivers on time and kept me well…
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