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2 reviews
Waitangirua Pharmacy
Porirua 5024, Waitangirua, 201 Warspite Avenue
Amanda Parsons / Reviewed 11.10.2018
The team at Waitangirua Pharmacy have always looked after me providing great customer service and care for years now...but today they went above and beyond! Not feeling the greatest I popped in for a simple item but they had just sold the last one...Graeme mustve seen the disappointment…
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7 reviews
Pacific Health Plus
Porirua 5024, Cannons Creek, 4 Bedford Court
Krayze Rukz / Reviewed 01.10.2020
Used to be 10$ but now the prices are so high, also been declined treatment like my late aunty was from same practice so unprofessional. Called them multiple times for an appointment to see a Dr and am always told a Dr or nurse will call me back... They never do!!
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6 reviews
Resonance Mana Podiatry
Porirua 5026, Paremata, Head Office:107 Mana Esplanade
Garry Walker / Reviewed 08.01.2018
had a consultation at resonance podiatry Wellington and subsequently purchased a pair of orthotics. I was told that my information would be kept on file for when I wanted to order another set. The time came and I called to order another set, my information was on file but I was encouraged…
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Paremata Dental
Porirua 5026, Paremata, 98 Mana Esplanade
Emily Belle / Reviewed 15.06.2021
Clare is an amazing dentist! She’s so caring, makes me feel as calm as possible and always does a great job with my teeth. Highly recommend!
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