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Te Wakahuia Manawatu Trust - Maori Health Organisation
Palmerston North 4412, Highbury, 56 Pembroke Street
Doug Edwards / Reviewed 20.10.2017
Te Wakahuia Maori Health o Manawatu is a Maori Provider which provides services for Whanau within the Highbury area of Palmerston North. Te Wakahuia Maori Health is also part of Te Tihi o Ruahine Alliance. The photos highlight the awesome mahi that Te Wakahuia Maori Health o Manawatu…
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1 reviews
OraKinetics Clinic
Palmerston North 4414, Milson, 91 Milson Line
El Ramondo / Reviewed 21.11.2019
These people are experts on making people with health problems better through supervised fitness training.
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2 reviews
Cabraal Dilhan
Papaioea 4414, Palmerston North Central, Totara House 116 Russell Street
Millissa Bethel / Reviewed 26.04.2017
Amazing Doctor, removed tonsils and adenoids and put in grommets for both my kids. Saw privately for consultation, public for the surgery. He was great with both kids, remembered them from consultation, surgery and follow up visits. Really recommend!
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4 reviews
Golden Hour Bespoke Skincare
Palmerston North 4410, Palmerston North Central, 106 Broadway Avenue
Stevie Dawson / Reviewed 05.10.2021
Amazing experience at Golden Hour! I received a custom facial and the service was amazing. Centred in CBD for easy access, lovely, clean, professional salon. The owner who completed my facial was very knowledgeable and gave great skincare advice as well as explaining each step of…
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