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1 reviews
Primal Performance Nz Ltd
9810, Invercargill, 49 Tay Street
Raewyn Clarke / Reviewed 18.01.2020
I have been part of the over 65 class for over a year now and continue to look forward to our twice weekly classes. We have fun together whilst being very much supported by Ruth, James and Tony. I love that there are no mirrors and also the opportunity to challenge yourself at ypur…
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1 reviews
Pacific Radiology - Invercargill
9810, Invercargill, 10 Dee Street
ken hopgood / Reviewed 15.05.2019
Dont text appointment reminders as other professionals do, blame the patient (me) because they lost the x ray referral and then refuse to do the x ray .. compared to surgeons, doctors, dentists, and other professional people the are incompetent when it comes to patient consideration.…
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3 reviews
The Headache Clinic Invercargill
9810, Invercargill, 98 Yarrow Street
Emily Bevin / Reviewed 08.08.2021
This treatment has given me my life back. After two injuries and 4 years of suffering from Post Concussion symptoms I was finally referred by my employer to Helen, who immediately confirmed that my neck was out of alignment. I had suspected my neck pain was linked to my symptoms but…
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1 reviews
Able Minds
9810, Invercargill, 36 Kelvin Street
Lee Brownie / Reviewed 21.09.2022
There is a bully in one of your groups ..threats were made..not by staff..but by a person that attends
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