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Christine Cutbush - Live more Life
Hastings 4122, 105, 201 King Street North
Callum MacEwan / Reviewed 03.04.2019
I have suffered pain for many years and traditional medicine has not helped much. Christine's treatments have been excellent and got me up and moving again. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and severe gout and could not function without her treatments
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3 reviews
0800 VEIN DR Hawkes Bay
Hastings 4122, Parkvale, 811 Heretaunga Street East
Kim Saber / Reviewed 24.02.2021
Dr Weaver worked tirelessly to assist me with my legs. During this time he went above and beyond at all times including on his time off to ensure a positive outcome. I strongly recommend Dr Weaver to anyone who has problems with varicose veins.
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1 reviews
Charles Davis
4122, Hastings, 325 Prospect Road
Lisa Dan Sauolevao / Reviewed 09.12.2020
Charles Davis is the most amazing surgeon... He did an amazing job. Highly recommended. Such a lovely friendly guy. 👍
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5 reviews
MoveMe Health Ltd
4122, Hastings, 202 Lyndon Road West
richard / Reviewed 08.07.2021
My wife went to this podiatrist. Assessed and recommended some quite expensive shoe inserts. Paid in full for them but after 2 months didn't receive anything. Was told she could have a refund. After several phonecards and promises that she will receive a refund nothing. So after…
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