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Consultancy House Clinic
Dunedin 9016, Central Dunedin, 7 Bond Street
Megan Blok / Reviewed 14.06.2018
Waited 20 minutes past my appointment time and there was still one person waiting to be seen ahead of me and a person still being seen in the treatment room. I had to cancel the appointment in the end. Very disappointed at the lack of time management.
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Groom Laser & Skin Clinic
Dunedin 9016, Central Dunedin, 342 George Street
Jamie Wright / Reviewed 23.10.2018
Erin is amazing for explaining the laser-removal technology. She really takes the time to make sure you understand the process and make sure that you are comfortable. She is super cool and down to earth and personable. So glad I was recommended this place. Prices are reasonable.
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Dentistry on Highgate
Dunedin 9010, Roslyn, 289B Highgate
Tricia Warwick-Naziris / Reviewed 16.08.2017
After a recent accident, in which I broke and chipped 3 front teeth, and required 5 stitches in my lip, Steve Duncan has done an amazing job in restoring my smile! In quick and very efficient service of the highest quality, he has sewn up my lip and repaired my teeth. Very impressed…
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A+ Physio Central Dunedin
Dunedin 9016, Central Dunedin, 40 Filleul Street
Megan Brick / Reviewed 31.08.2015
Tim and Anna compliment each other so well to solve any issues you may have, be it joint or muscular. I never realized how much my pain was restricting me from carrying out everyday simple activities. It is sooo good to be pain free again. Thanks so much......A+ for an A+ service!!!…
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