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7 reviews
Cyara Rest Haven
Peduase, Near Peduase Lodge, 2 Kitase Down
Abigail Emefa Alomele / Reviewed 22.06.2021
Excellent service! This place is filled with the presence of God and is really a rest Haven. I think it's ideal for any ministry couple and even for honeymoon, it's not a bad choice. My husband and I were received beautifully and were treated like royalty. I really liked the place.…
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Bright Kusi / Reviewed 06.03.2020
This ultra modern facility is located a kilometer away from Akuse junction on the Akosombo-Tema highway with equipments like PET scan, CT scan, MRI, Dialysis, C-ARM X-ray, Echocardiogram etc. At Kings & Queens Teaching Hospital, we focus on providing the highest-quality healthcare…
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Sheriff Sammo / Reviewed 12.12.2019
Very refreshing to have tried something new that’s climbing the mountain with ropes. Trust me you won’t regret coming here. Great site seeing of green vegetation coupled with some interesting rich history of the usage of the cave by our forefathers. You also need to hear the history…
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2 reviews
St Dominic's Hospital
Akwatia, 25PX+6MF
Isaac appiah Oduro / Reviewed 15.05.2019
This is the hospital i was born by my late mother.Then it was all white Doctors 1978 1980 .God bless my parents
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