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Kenyasi Health Centre
Malogae Samuel / Reviewed 28.05.2017
Services provided are: 1. Growth Monitoring and Promotion 2. Vaccination against vaccine preventable diseases 3. Antenatal Service 3. Laboratory Diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments 4. Nutrition Education and Counseling 5. Health Promotion 6. Mental Health Services are Provided 7.…
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Gideonno Akitti / Reviewed 13.02.2018
Active, hardworking staff and managements,care for all medical and surgical cases,E&T specialist, Eye specialist, Psychiatric professionals,Dental unit,nutritionist,reliabl elaboratory, effective maternity block, neonatal intensive unit and so many more..
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1 reviews
Star Of Hope Hospital
Sankore, GG32+W5C
KUSI BOAKYE SAMUEL / Reviewed 06.07.2016
The hospital has modern medical equipments couple with competent team of Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who would meet all your medical needs. Besides, They have good costumer relationship and offer high class services and maintain higher standards
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Mohammed Jibreel / Reviewed 01.08.2019
The beauty of this hospital alone can cure you and aside that they have beautiful nurses I mean real beauty with you know all that thing behind their back, they provide good medical services but you need to make appointments before walking in there else you're not going to be taken…
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