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ST18 9AB, Penkridge, 55 Stafford Rd, Dunston Business Village Log Cabin 16a - Door
David Coleman / Reviewed 15.09.2022
Thought I'd write a review of my experience to offset the nonsense 1-star one it currently has. The location is 3 minutes off M6 junction 13, so very simple to get to. I was referred by my GP. I got there 10 minutes early and was in and out before my actual appointment time! Dr.…
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Meerkat Manor B&B
HR8 1JJ, Ledbury, Coddington, Appletree Hill
Alex Henderson / Reviewed 28.03.2022
What a great place, its classed as a b&b, but it's a cross between that and a hotel. The room service at meal times takes meerkat manor to a level above average. Watching the goats and donkeys from the window playing was a joy. And the leek+potato soup is a winner.
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Westlake Veterinary Physiotherapy
HR9 7LD, Ross-on-Wye, Lea, 6 Stockholm Place
katy layton / Reviewed 21.05.2022
Issy came out to my 7 year old English springer. After seeing the vet multiple times for her fore limb lameness he suggested seeing a physio for a muscle pull injury. I got in touch with Issy and she examined my dog found the muscle in question and with a few visits and giving me…
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Dreamy Transformations
TF2 7RZ, Telford, 3 Kenwray Dr
Stacy McNamara / Reviewed 25.08.2022
Karen is really lovely, kind, knowledgeable and can come right to your home! She’s treated my eye circles , laugh lines, forehead wrinkles.
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