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Perryer Dr Susan
G20 6HS, Glasgow, 96 Napiershall St, Kelvin Medical Centre
mouh mouh / Reviewed 17.01.2019
I was duped in Dr. Susan Perryer. She tricked me and was a big liar and a great hypocrite in an important case and I am right in this case. All the patients who visit Dr. Susan Perryer are wary of her hypocrisy and deceit. As for Dr Kidd and Dr Sultana they are wonderful and good
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Medic Touch Medic
G5 0HF, Glasgow
Gavin Macnab / Reviewed 15.05.2018
I had my very first massage a few days ago. I was a bit nervous as this was a new experience for me and I didn't know what to expect. Paulina put me completely at ease and after answering a few health questions, I had a deep tissue massage which left me feeling great. Paulina is friendly,…
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Wise Women Village Doula
Glasgow G20 8NS, Kelvinside, 25B Mingarry St, 1/2
Martta Anna Sulkowska / Reviewed 14.07.2022
Clem is a true gift to this planet. Her connection to nature makes her really peaceful to be around. She’s a perfect person to learn from when it comes to sustainability, to going back to our roots and make things from scratch. I find her insanely inspiring. And I heard her meals…
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Fire & Peace Recovery SC050662
G40 4AZ, Glasgow, 9 Muslin St
Stuart Gilmour / Reviewed 04.12.2021
Amazing group for anyone struggling with mental health trips are fantastic and will leave you feeling magic, an experience you will never forget πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½
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