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Motor Medicals LTD - Coventry
Coventry CV3 6FL, Finham, 41 Brentwood Ave, Clinic 41
Andras Babos / Reviewed 13.11.2021
I failed my HGV medical today @ Clinic 41 in Coventry. The two stars is for the ease of booking an appointment, otherwise it would be no star. As I'm 59, I understand that my eye sight is getting worse, and the time when I migh need glasses it's not too far. But the doctor who examined…
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3 reviews
Dr Sharma & Partner
CV3 3DG, Coventry, Willenhall, Remembrance Road
Glen Lane / Reviewed 04.09.2018
Not the worst GP I've ever had but not very good. Pretty much continuously engaged on the phone or ringing out, after calling non-stop for up to three hours for an appointment, being told there are none left and when I do, finally, get an appointment for a sensitive issue, no male…
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2 reviews
Sharma Dr S P
CV1 4DH, Coventry, 1 Chester St, Holyhead Surgery
ExtremeMatrix 123 / Reviewed 25.07.2014
Strange surgery. Very rude reception staff. they managed to write out our hole family, even when my wife was still going to the midwife there. Of course they decided it was my fault??? Normal time for an appointment is about 2 days (for kids) And when I needed a appointment for my…
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1 reviews
Dr A Mahmud - Moseley Avenue Surgery
CV6 1HS, Coventry, Coundon, 109 Moseley Ave
Gena Gascoigne / Reviewed 19.01.2022
With all the bad press recently for doctors surgerys, I just had to comment on a wonderful lady called Ilene, I believe she's a nurse prescriber, but may have her role wrong, if so I apologize.. that did a call back for a family member, in a time when no one wants to listen and help,…
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