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Bodytonic Clinic - Health & Beauty Clinics
London SE16 2XU, Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Rd, 10-11
Lacramioara Corcodel / Reviewed 31.10.2020
When I booked my first appointment with Matt, the pain was part of my daily life. After 2 osteopathic treatments, not only that I had no pain on my lower back but I’ve learned a lot of things which really improved my health. Thank you Matt!
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Bodytonic clinic - Canada Water Health & Beauty
London SE16 2XU, Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Rd, 10-11
Louella Tindale / Reviewed 19.06.2015
I absolutely love this Salon! Sheena is extremely professional and fantastic at making her clients feel at ease. I love the environ range they stock and the treatments offered. Definitely recommend giving this salon a try - you wont be disappointed!
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W3 7QS, London, 203-205 The Vale
James Drummond / Reviewed 20.09.2018
There needs to be a distinction between people who offer massages in between other spa treatments and people who are trained massage / osteopath professionals. Nadia is definitely the latter! I saw Nadia for chronic neck pain, Nadia was very professional, did a full examination and…
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Raymond Weissinger / Reviewed 21.06.2022
I love doctor! Thank you for making my experience so caring, warm and a lot less painful. I’d be very happy working with you again.
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