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Kaleen Family Dental Surgery
Kaleen ACT 2617, Kaleen Shopping Centre, Gwydir Square
Bob Wade / Reviewed 27.07.2019
We have always found this practice very helpful and considerate. Henny is a true professional in every aspect of the treatment I receive.
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4 reviews
Canberra Acupuncture Clinic
Kaleen ACT 2617, 36 Yarra St
Angela Hogan / Reviewed 27.05.2020
Jing has been amazing with my multiple health issues. It's very obvious she keeps abreast with the newest research and TCM techniques. I have some very complex, chronic health problems and Jing has been able to actually move some of the most underlying issues instead of dealing with…
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8 reviews
Kaleen Family Practice
Kaleen ACT 2617, 4/37 Georgina Cres, Kaleen Plaza
Lulu Dietz / Reviewed 21.09.2016
Me: *hands information form to receptionist* Receptioni st: "Are you sure you're not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?" Oh! Now that you mention it, no I'm not sure! These past 20 years have been a complete blur. Next time a brown person walks into your clinic, maybe don't…
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6 reviews
The Nest Therapeutic Massage
Kaleen ACT 2617, 19 Cloncurry St
Megi Wilson / Reviewed 06.06.2022
Muffi has such a beautiful set up! You feel immediately relaxed as you walk up the leafy driveway and are warmly welcomed. Muffi’s space is so comforting and don’t be fooled by her gentle demeanour she has the strength to get into those deep knots! I left feeling so relaxed and taken…
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